Le Vietnam est vraiment une destination idéale pour une escapade merveilleuse dont tous les voyageurs rêvent. Avec notre itinéraire bien documenté, vous avez non seulement la chance d’explorer la merveilleuse beauté de la baie de Lan Ha – le site du patrimoine mondial mais aussi la beauté des autres attractions du Vietnam, telles que: Sapa, Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Dong Du Village ou Super combinaison avec confortable et luxueux Hanoi Homestay.

Toutes les destinations de notre itinéraire ont été soigneusement inspectées par nos experts en voyages afin d’assurer que le voyage le plus intéressant et le moins fréquenté soit offert à des clients bien-aimés. Blue Swimmer Aventures est très heureux d’annoncer un combo intéressant. Merci de nous contacter sur notre Hotline/WhatsApp: + 84 912 555 208 / 915 063 737 pour en savoir plus. On est toujours à votre disposition

Tripadvisor reviews

“Best part of Vietnam”

We booked a 3 day, 2 night tour through the Cat Ba Island area with Blue Swimmer Adventure and had a wonderful time! Our first night on the fish farm was quite a memorable experience and something I would highly recommend to anyone in Vietnam. Our second night on a boat docked 50 meters from the fish farm was also nice but very similar to the night on the fish farm. The islands were incredibly scenic and our guide was extremely nice! These were the best parts of the trip. Our trip included a lot of kayaking which we loved, but for those who aren’t as active, it might have been tough. We kayaked probably 3 hours or so on the first day. It was great! In terms of value, it seemed as if the owner is making quite a profit. They were quite frugal with providing us with water and any type of beer, soft drink, or more water was extra cost. This was a bit unfortunate given how cheap everything in Vietnam is and that we paid about $275 per person for the 2 night experience. Although, the food was quite good and we were not hungry. I would recommend this to friends, especially if the price reflected the prices of the goods we were consuming. Thanks Thung for your time and good will as a guide.

Matt Temp (Portland, Oregon)
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